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Alliant Energy Field / Clinton LumberKings - Page 3: Adding More Group Areas

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The renovations did one great thing: add a bunch of discrete seating areas to the ballpark, all the better to lure in groups. During our most recent visit a local college alumni association comprised a huge group deal: it was actually hard to move about the ballpark in places because of the crowd. The left-field concourse past the grandstand is certainly a party area: there are plenty of picnic tables, including several right against the playing-field fence.

The other left-field group area is a covered picnic area with its own concessions. Combine the group public tables with the outfield berm and you’ve got another noteworthy place to view the game.

You’ll also have a view of one of the most unusual outfield fences in affiliated ball. During recent renovations the home-run fence was changed; it now curves in the corner and down the line. While it’s possible the interestingly curve fence could impact play if a ball bounces at a bad angle, the overall impact is certainly interesting enough to outweigh that issue. The curve is cool.

There are very few ballpark renovations carried out as successfully as the overhaul of Alliant Energy Field in 2005-2006: the essential nature of the WPA-era ballpark remains intact, while the LumberKings are better able to serve fans today and tomorrow, ensuring affiliated ball will stay in this small Iowa community. The charm of the ballpark remained intact, making it one of the best baseball experiences anywhere. When making a list of must-visit ballparks, Alliant Energy Field easily belongs in the top five.