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Still generating cash: the Montreal Expos

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Montreal Expos

Never let it be said we passed on a good opportunity to display a Montreal Expos logo: despite the demise of the team many years ago, the 'Spos logo is still a big seller.

It's not necessarily baseball fans who keep the Expos logo and colors on the tops of some best-seller lists, but rather rappers and rebels who have embraced the colorful M -- including rap group Outkast. In Canada, a Montreal Expos cap is the third-best-selling cap in the country, behind those from the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees, and in certain areas (like Quebec) the Expos cap is tops, according to New Era officials. Especially popular: the tri-color caps worn early in the Expos' history.

There's a lot of fondness for the Expos out there; we remember fondly sitting down with a bowl of poutine and a glass of Blue. Montreal probably deserved better than an antiseptic ballpark and some pretty noncommittal ownership; in a perfect world there would be some sort of high-level baseball in the city that hosted Andre Dawson, Tommy Lasorda, Jackie Robinson and Delorimier Stadium.



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