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Crane: We're still evaluating ballpark changes for 2013

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Houston Astros

It's been a pretty miserable year for the Houston Astros, but owner Jim Crane says fans should appreciate changes for 2013, including new uniforms and possible ballpark changes.

Some of the changes are final; some are not. Uniform changes have been submitted to Major League Baseball for approval -- which, barring something extraordinary, should appear before next season -- while changes to Minute Maid Park are still on the agenda. In July the team floated the idea of some extensive changes to the current ballpark configuration, including the removal of Tal's Hill (the embankment in dead-center field) and the train tracks about the left-field seating. You can add to that the propect of moving in the fences as well. From the Houston Chronicle:

Crane also said the Astros have submitted their redesigned uniforms to MLB for approval. He said the design includes “traditional” elements from past Astros uniforms and “incorporates them in a very modest way. They’re very classy.”

He also said the Astros are soliciting fans’ opinions on the future of Tal’s Hill in center field and that fans have said “they don’t see a lot of sense in having that 436(-foot fence) in center. We’re looking at a design that would incorporate some other things out there. We could use that space for a lot of different things.”

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