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Atlantic League: big plans for 2014 and beyond

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Atlantic League

We've mentioned the possibility of an independent Atlantic League feeder circuit before, but bigger plans are in the works, including a possible expansion to Puerto Rico and Cuba.

The feeder circuit now has a name -- ALPB2 -- and a target date for launch: 2014, according to Atlantic League founder/CEO Frank Boulton. We've reported in the past that areas like Atlantic City, Sussex County and Worcester could host teams in a league that targets undrafted younger players (a la the Frontier League); a market like Bridgeport could also be shifted into this league, which would feature lower payrolls and shorter seasons

At the same time, the Atlantic League itself would target larger markets, as sort of a AAAA league, with older veterans outside of affiliated ball. The league was successful in expanding to Texas this last season, and while Peter Kirk has been talking with other Texas cities about new ballparks, he and Boulton are thinking truly big with expansion into the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and perhaps Cuba. Jim Seip has a nice review of these plans, which don't necessarily involve full-time play in any of the three countries.

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